Revolutionizing Health and Aging: GTECH’s Website Design Case Study for NU

Revolutionizing Health and Aging: GTECH's Website Design Case Study for NU

Introduction In an era driven by groundbreaking advances in systems biology, longevity research, and artificial intelligence, NU embarked on a mission to reshape the way we approach health and aging in the 21st century.  With a firm belief in the untapped potential within each individual to lead a healthier, more vibrant life, NU sought the… Continue reading Revolutionizing Health and Aging: GTECH’s Website Design Case Study for NU

Soul Nutritions

01/ Overview GTECH was responsible for the website design and development along with WordPress integration for Soul Nutritions, a range of effervescent tablets that are a natural supplement to a healthy, balanced diet. Produced exclusively by Snack For Soul, their whole, healthy range is designed for overall wellness. The effervescent tablets are designed to dissolve… Continue reading Soul Nutritions

My Red Carpet

GTECH helped with the design and development of My Red Carpet website. Built on open cart, the website used Network International as the Payment Gateway.


Founded in 2018, Kitopi is the world’s leading managed cloud kitchen platform that partners with restaurants to expand their delivery reach.

Ginza Holdings

Ginza is a Dubai head quaratered holdings company that focuses on the lucrative mid to high end retail sector in the GCC region.

Nostalgia Dubai

Nostalgia, defined as yearning for a moment in the past is a home-grown confectionary business based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Vicolo Dubai

With focus on authentic regional recipes and a detailed, rustic setting, Vicolo brings the experience of Italian streetfood to the UAE.