To compete in the fast-paced world of today, digital products need to provide an immersive UI experience. Strong UI UX designing trends keep on converting customers, retain users and maximize the impact of your product with each passing day.

UI UX design trends 2024 are important and it is easy for you to get sucked into the flashy design trends.  People tend to overload their minds and end up thinking that the best UI UX design is not about them at all.

ui ux design trends 2024

An outline of popular UI UX design trends

Good UX designers tend to empathize with the users in ensuring a journey through their product. It is known to vary depending upon the brand and the customer as UI UX trends in 2024 are all about the needs of your customer. Some of the features of a popular UX design are

  • In customer flow remove fiction
  • For customer delight incorporate opportunities
  • Responds to customer needs and their changing mindset.
  • The users can hear their voices by facilitating feedback

What is a bad UX design?

Rather than guiding customers via a smooth product experience, UX design mistakes block customers from satisfying their needs. This leads to an element of panic and frustration. Coming to the bad UX design some of the features

  •  Do not hook the user to keep them engaged
  • Remains static and does not evolve with changing expectations and needs of users
  • The focus is on assumptions and does not have any relation when it comes to bad research.

One of the common UX designs is jumping straight into design without understanding the problems or solutions. To avoid this situation discuss it with your users and stakeholders. Below are some of the popular UI UX trends in 2024

N 26- Anticipating the needs of customers

It is a mobile banking app that simply provides an opportunity to manage your finances. Such a simple intuitive design reminds us that the best design is not only about the unnecessary fizzle or fancy graphics. There are tonnes of options to choose from when it comes to managing financial information as you can come across in the form of standard account statements.

N 26 provides plenty of opportunities for personalization which is functional and beautiful. A user can create different saving spaces and incorporate different figures or descriptions. It also has a default option available at each stage so that the users are not forced to make a lot of extra decisions till they are forced to. Ease of key works out to among the key UI UX designing trends here.

ASOS- Informative and Interactive

It is known to provide an absolute shopping experience. The landing page has a vivid, splash which ensures that the practical needs of the users are met. Since the range of products available can be confusing the UX design breaks down the information into various categories. The UI is seamless, so the users can select a size, check the price and add to their cart in a matter of clicks.

They have gone on to run a million tests as UX validations are incorporated in dealing with every obstacle. The stellar UX is all about understanding how the users behave. To ensure that it is the case you need to be on top of the quantitative UX metrics.

Calm- emotional delight and empathy

From the primitive stage, it is evident that Calm is designed to take care of the empathy needs of users. The design of the app is streamlined and follows a distinct hierarchy with plenty of options available. Even the onboarding experience is strong as the app advocates a few questions for the customers to get started. The future of UI UX design with this app is on the stronger side.

The best part is that it Calm turns obstacles into opportunities. Various chunks of added delight are there with extra sound and a series of features. While waiting users are prompted to take deep breaths that transform the experience of impatience.

Keurig – UI UX design trends 2024 providing streamlined information to the buyers

The e-commerce journey emphasizes aesthetics and ease of use. The UX design is known to strike a perfect balance and customers can explore close-ups of the products from different angles. A lot of detailed information is available but it is segregated into various categories and their explanation is in clear language.

For unbiased information detailed reviews are available and once you click to read them is not going to take you away from the product. Buying turns out to be frictionless as it is clear which shades are available. One of the standout features is the comparison chart.


The site is known to combine style and navigability where users can come across vacation purposes. Once they reach the landing page of Airbnb customers are aware of what to search. Search features turn out to be cropped when it starts with a clear initiative box.

The user responsible is marked by responsive UI UX designing trends that provide various ways to visualize information. There is also a well-deployed sense of urgency to nudge any form of conversation. The reason is that the site will provide you with updates on what is the information that is left behind. Do not rely on guesswork and rely on insights.


From the time you tap into the app it is known to provide an immersive experience of sorts, The future of UI UX design is immersed with education research along with user research to comply with the focussed needs of customers for a sought-out demand. There are different UX paths that you can follow which means you need to follow a structured path.

The setting up of UI and UX are done in such a manner so that the customers are on board quickly. At the same time they tend to be engaged keeping their goals intact.

This series of UI UX design trends 2024 makes it an ongoing and inspirational experience. The best teams are always on the lookout to understand users in a better way. For stellar UX design, each aspect of your product needs to evolve around the needs of the customers.

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