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In today’s day and age, the digital landscape is constantly advancing and it makes one wonder whether or not blogging is something to carry into the new year. With social media the main means of communication for many businesses to their target audiences, it may not seem as if blogging is still relevant. However, blogs can be used in tandem with social media platforms in order to effectively market products and services if businesses take the time to tweak content to better suit consumers’ needs today.

The Benefits of Business Blogging

Blog posts remain the most utilised form of content because of:

Organic Traffic

Business blogging, with time, can attract organic traffic because people are looking for what you have to say. The content you publish puts your business name on the map when it is relevant and paves the way for free publicity. With quality blogging, new site visitors will be inclined to share the information you offer with their friends and followers.

Interest and Engagement

By uploading blogs, you will continue to pique the interest of your already loyal customers as well as your target audience. Those who are still at different stages in their customer journey may be more inclined to conversion with the conversational space that blogs create. As for the customers you already have, you stay relevant and continue to add value to their lives.

Lead Generation

Regular blogging has been found to increase sales and conversions in business. Building up your brand has never been easier and you can be part of the 60% of businesses that gain more customers because of blogging.

Link Building

Backlinks and inbound links are an important part of search engine optimization in order for your content to rank on a results page. Blogs are a great way for potential customers and other businesses to look up to you as leaders in your industry. You can build up your business’ reputation and be referred to as experts in your field.

Blogging in 2022

Blogging has already been shown to be promising when executed correctly. Your business can reap the long-term results that business blogging has to offer as long as you keep the following tips in mind.

Simple and Straight to the Point

The best blogs are easy to read but have information that is relevant. How-to articles have been found to be effective when moving potential customers along the marketing funnel because they are engaging and valuable.  

Quality Over Quantity

While it may be tempting to constantly churn out content, consumers today are looking for quality. It does not matter how many blogs you have if they are irrelevant because your target audience has no problem looking for answers elsewhere. 

Think About Readability

The beautiful thing about the internet is how it’s accessible on various devices today. It is important that you think about the different ways that audiences may access your content and adjust accordingly, not everyone is looking for answers on desktops!

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