Think of how you have engaged with brands of late.  The types of marketing campaigns have changed from traditional to technological-driven modules. For the simple reason, many brands feel that customers prefer personal experiences. Companies focus on experiential marketing and brand activations to build a strong emotional connection with the audience.

Experiential marketing and brand activations refer to a new approach to marketing that is high-touch and engagement-focused. This new form of marketing delivers unique experiences they cannot avail of anywhere. The modern-day customer has understood the importance of the best brand activation campaign.  This brings us to the point that many brands are figuring out ways on how does experiential marketing work.

how does experiential marketing work
how does experiential marketing work

How does experiential marketing work?

Numerous examples of experiential marketing campaigns have come to the fore. Most companies are known to employ brand activation in engaging customers. Some of the common experiential branding examples are as follows.

  • Brand activation campaign examples and themed destinations.
  • Hands-on interactive experience which provides an immersive experience
  • Project mapping along with larger-than-life visual installations.
  • Well-designed demos to showcase products and formulate brand activation campaign examples.

If you have been part of experiential marketing in brand activation earlier, be aware that they are a hot topic in the marketing domain. The best experiential marketing campaigns work. and they provide exceptional results. Organizations are always looking to cash in the manner of how experiential marketing works to provide worthy results. Currently, the industry is full of competition and noise and to develop perfect brand activation campaign examples does pose a challenge.

The benefits of best experiential marketing campaigns

When employed properly the best brand activation campaign assures instant results. It is known to draw in customers to a larger audience and provide memorable experiences along with touch points. A perfect guide to experiential campaigns is it develop brand affinity and, in the process, gain loyal customers.

Now comes the question of why brands are hesitant to get things started. There is a secret button that they can press when it comes to experiential marketing in brand activation. Such plans require extensive support from the marketing team for implementation as they require a strategy to cure. This is one of the best brand activation campaign examples that you may come across.

Experiential marketing in brand activation- An overview

A brand activation company would leave no stone unturned when it comes to experiential marketing.  Experiential marketing and brand activations are all about asking the audience to interact with the business in a real-world scenario. It is known to provide participatory, hands-on building material that the business can showcase to the business. Experiential branding examples are not what the company offers but what it stands for.

Experimental marketing in brand activations is participation marketing and ground marketing and it could sound a tinge like event marketing. This does make sense as event marketing tends to be event-centric. However, there are times when there is nothing to do with a specific event as you may figure out the examples from where things are picked.

Brand activations and experiential marketing are more focused on events than they are on any one type of event. Customer-brand interactions are prime instances of experiential marketing efforts.

The reasons why the best brand activation campaign is important

Once you undertake a comparison of brand activations vs experiential marketing you will be aware that brand activation holds a lot of importance. This helps in establishing and formulating a lasting connection between a customer and a brand. Coming to how does experiential marketing work it helps to collect data about customers which goes a long way in improving your strategy.

An in-depth evaluation of brand activations vs experiential marketing suggests that the latter takes an integrated approach. The main objective is to experience a tangible offline way but you would still want an online way to go about things.

Digital experiential marketing examples drive home the point that the return on video investments is on the higher end. Most people are likely to share video content twice with their friends in comparison to any other form of content. Hence it does make sense to incorporate a digital aspect to the best brand activation campaign. Coming to the brand hashtag it may get people to talk about the experience in a major way.

Examples of experiential marketing campaigns

Facebook which owns Instagram has understood how much data it has in the manner by which people use the platforms. Due to this reason, it has created the Facebook IQ Live experience. The campaign was memorable in every aspect and marketers thought that it provided valuable insights to their business.

By creating this experience, Facebook was able to accomplish its brand.  The best part is that it was able to develop a positive brand experience for the audiences. For a few audiences, it was able to formulate a positive brand perception. This may include people who were not sure how to use this platform.

Implementation of successful brand activation modules

The key is to get in touch with experts who are likely to obtain the maximum from your branded experiential campaigns be it brand activation campaigns. Most of these companies tend to have technical staff who engineer and deploy brand activation solutions for pop-ups. In a few cases taking a few calculated risks may work wonders for the brand. This is the precise manner in which branding and experiential marketing work.

When it comes to creating an experience with your brand do not be afraid where you have to think out of the box. You should not also be afraid if you intend to work with someone else. Ideally, it is better if you figure out ways by which the audience may interact with you. Though it may turn out to be a tinge nutty. The key is all about proper alignment and execution in the best possible way.

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