One of the online marketing opportunities that isn’t being utilised is Google Arabic. Regional marketers frequently prioritise social media and influencer marketing while ignoring one of the most effective strategies for getting their products in front of buyers.. Before you start any marketing campaign in the Arab world it is important to understand the Arab culture and the target demographics.

Before we go ahead there is a need to understand what is featured snippet. This particular search result type places an immediate response to a search query at the top of Google’s search results. One of the top-ranking pages that is promoted to the top is where Google gets this data from.

You may be wondering how is a good thing for a website that owns featured snippets. Users can see your content on the SERP and this may mean that they are losing out on clicks. The answer could be a yes and no when it comes to featured snippets in Arabic. If you are able to answer these questions in a few simple clicks then most of them would be out of work.

While the featured snippets in Arabic may convey the relative basics there is a need to learn more. Featured snippets are one of the prominent SERP features and it is evolving all the time.

featured snippets in arabic

The types of featured snippets

There are a few types of featured snippets that Google will showcase depending on the intent of each search query. Let us understand them in detail

  • Paragraph- This one is a little unique because Google occasionally blends people also ask (PAA) boxes with featured snippets. Click on any further questions you find that are connected to the search term to learn more. As you can see, in the majority of situations, that originates from a separate source rather than the featured snippets themselves.
  • Numbered list – This is an interesting component of a featured snippet where Google showcases only the first point with its own bulleted list.
  • Bullet list
  • Table
  • Video- it is also important to be aware of how featured snippets work. You need to be aware of them to prevent any form of confusion.

The three features of the knowledge panel, knowledge card and entity carousel have a single thing in common. They do not pull answers from one of the top-ranking pages as it is based on the entities in the knowledge graph. Though they may contain a link to a source of information it is never in the form of a clickable table as is the case with featured snippets.

Leveraging content that you already have and rank for

A general perception is to look at pages which rank in the top 10 for a particular term and yet it is not the snippet. It is possible to win the snippet where you are making a few tweaks to your page. The key is to look out for these opportunities and this turns out to be an easy task. You need to go over to the site explorer and filter keywords that have triggered snippets where your website is ranking in the positions from 2 to 10.

This is a viable way to understand how featured snippets work. They are typically in the leading position, if not for all of the featured snippets for which you rank. There is a need to prioritize and stealing a lot of featured snippets may seem to be an impossible mission at the starting phase.

The search size filter is a clear one also avoids focusing on long-tail keywords at this time.  Once again, the filters are expected to be different in your case. If you are not ranking for a substantial number of keywords already the focus has to be on creating more content and building links.

Creation of new content with featured snippets in mind

There is a thing that you need to be precise from the start. Scoring of a featured snippet may be an icing on the cake and it should not be the main purpose of why you need to cover a topic.

The essence of a featured snippet is to rank well and this needs to be the focus. Aligning with the search intent is essential to succeeding in SEO. Since pages can rank for thousands of keywords there are likely to be featured snippets in Arabic than just for the main keyword. An easy way to check these is to click through a few top-ranking pages to figure out all the keywords that they rank for.

To conclude by now you are aware of what is a featured snippet and what needs to be done in order to ensure that the SERP rises to the first position. Optimizing for snippets provides a valuable and brief answer to a search query in a suitable format. Obtaining the featured snippet involves complying with all the SEO practices to make the content rank well for the targeted keyword.

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