We have seen content creators create engaging social media content that becomes trending for some time and gets replaced by another one, the cycle goes on.

To make this happen, creating engaging and viral content is essential but the question is how to create engaging social media posts or how to create interactive blog posts. It requires a bit more effort than tweeting a random thought or photo. Have you ever wondered about the principle behind those? The purpose of social media branding is interaction and engagement with the target audiences.

how to create engaging social media posts
how to create engaging social media posts

What are these so-called interactive posts?

Not all posts are interactive posts despite customers liking them. So how to create engaging social media posts? Make it interactive. These kinds of posts are intended to engage the reader and prompt an action from them. In simple words, interactive posts are content which can include blogs, and creatives that attract and effectively engage with the target audience, offer value and drive them to take action such as sales, conversion, etc. 

If you see that your competitors’ interactive social media posts examples getting more followers than yours, just remember they have mastered the art of attracting customers’ attention and building their brand. And how do they create engaging social media content? By making them interactive. 

So, if you want to stay in the online game and increase your follower base, start learning how to create interactive blogs and take your brand to the next level. Facebook, and Instagram, no matter the platform, there are different ways to make individual posts into an interactive one.

How to create engaging social media posts? Check out these tips

So you have decided to make the best interactive posts for social media to enhance branding? Good, then it is time to get started with the following strategies explained below:

Have a well-executed strategy

Take any interactive social media posts examples, the one thing common in every one of them will be a properly planned strategy. Whenever you brainstorm ideas for your interactive post, it must resonate with your audience, be relevant and have a message to convey.

Leverage moment marketing

Brainstorming ideas on how to create engaging social media posts? Leveraging real-time events or current social media trends is a great start. Moment marketing is utilized by almost every brand worldwide. The only thing you have to make sure is that the so-called trend must be relevant to your brand or service.

Have the right creative team

Making an interactive post is not as easy as typing something for an image and posting it on social media channels. The process involves the art of copywriting and stunning graphic design which is done by skilled writers, designers, video editors, etc. To make interactive posts for social media, you must have a professional team of content creators in place to create the type of interactive posts you want to publish.

Analyse the strategy

Once you create the best interactive posts for social media and publish them, your job isn’t finished. It’s important to analyze whether the strategy has worked and become successful. This applies to all types of posts, interactive or not. Performing a detailed analysis along with checking other interactive social media posts examples helps understand what worked and what didn’t with the audience. It also allows you to understand which format and content types are best interacted with.

Is Blogging still effective?

Is blogging still relevant and effective? If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this article in the first place. Even though social media posts are a great content marketing strategy, blogging is a highly valued and cost-effective one compared to all forms of content. So, how to write an engaging blog post?

To learn how to create interactive blogs, you must have good writing and research skills. You can increase your follower base, educate them about your services and more importantly build trust and authority that makes users turn into actual customers. 

Once you master how to create interactive blogs and publish them consistently, this will help increase your brand presence. When it comes to blogging, there are all sorts of different formats but learning the strategies to create interactive blogs can make them viral, create engagement and draw traffic to your website.

Create interactive blog posts to skyrocket engagement 

Looking for ways to create interactive blog posts? I know you do and this is exactly why I have compiled and listed some of these tricks to increase your blog post engagement

Create Shareable, Viral Blogs

The title itself says everything, the purpose of any blog is to educate and entertain customers. If you are planning on how to create interactive blogs, make sure to choose a topic, which can be anything as long as it connects with your audience. The next thing is to have an attention-grabbing headline as it is the first thing users see and therefore, it must pique their interest to click and read. 

Making your blog shareable is another important thing to consider. Only when you create interactive blog posts and users share them, do they become viral and result in getting new followers, and help retain the existing ones. Another tip is to include social media buttons for effortless sharing across multiple networks.

Have a clickable table of contents

You must realise that not all customers will read each word in your article from start to end. Some may prefer to skim-read the article to find what they want. Creating a clickable table of contents is one of the several tricks to increase your blog post engagement. Through this, readers can jump to the section they care about without missing the key points and the need to scroll endlessly. What is more interesting is that you can enhance the reading experience by making the text concise, adding bullet points, etc.

Incorporate polls and surveys

If you wish to create interactive blog posts and want to know the readers’ thoughts, how would you do that? Embed a poll or survey in the post. As simple as it seems, this shows that as a writer or brand, you genuinely value your readers’ thoughts. When creating the poll, just make sure to choose questions that are easy to answer and more importantly, relevant to your topic.

Embed Videos

A blog without interactive elements makes the reading experience dull. You can easily avoid this by adding interactive posts for social media such as embedding videos or slideshows into your blog. The thing about videos is that they can increase engagement by conveying a lot of information and providing an immersive experience. On the plus side, they can be used to explain complex topics or highlight your products and services.

Winding up

For those still figuring out how to create engaging social media content, be it blogs or posts, the tips described above are the choices you can check out and see if it works. If you find it time-consuming to make short form content for social media post, you can approach the services of a professional digital marketing agency whose team of creative lads will take care of it easily. Was this article helpful to you? we would like to hear your feedback which you can let us know in the comments.

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