If you have a budget then hiring an SEO agency is a better choice since agencies have dedicated teams handling technical aspects of SEO. This is the major difference between SEO freelancer and an agency. It is rare to find a freelancer who is good in all sub-sections of SEO. Most of them specialize in a particular area whereas they may know little about others. This brings us to the question Should I hire an agency for SEO or opt for a freelancer?

When you compare SEO freelancer vs SEO agency each one has its own set of pros and cons. But before you arrive at any decision it is necessary to figure out the difference between in-house SEO and SEO agency before you arrive at a decision.

difference between SEO freelancer and agency
difference between SEO freelancer and agency

Why is an agency better than a freelancer?

Below are a few reasons why hiring an agency is a better choice.

There are dedicated teams for each sub-section of SEO

This is the major difference between SEO freelancer and agency. A major benefit of availing the services of an agency is having access to quality professionals such as content writing, mobile SEO, backlink building, etc. SEO agency vs SEO freelancer means that the former will be able to craft a comprehensive SEO strategy. With freelancers, they excel in a specific subsection of SEO.

Agency better than freelancers in terms of product conversions

If you partner with an SEO agency then you may calculate the ROI on the retainer you are paying for them. If you compare SEO agency vs SEO freelancer the latter are not accountable for any conversions. Once again this is fine if you have a couple of tasks to comply but if you are looking to drive product conversions then an SEO agency is a better choice.

There is no need to be managing multiple freelancers

An evaluation of SEO freelancer vs SEO agency requires less monitoring in-house as you have outsourced the tasks. Most of the agencies will hop on a video call and update you about the various things. When it comes to SEO freelancers you would need to take regular updates from them. So an agency vs In house vs Freelancer SEO clearly indicates that an agency is a better choice.

It is easily possible to scale the SEO operations

When the business starts growing you may start offering different products or services hence it is the right time to scale your SEO operations. The difference between agency vs In house vs Freelance SEO is that an agency can scale operations quickly. They have an internal capacity to scale SEO instantly and handle bigger projects.  It is better to avail the expertise of an SEO agency in Dubai due to their professional outlook.

Difference between in-house SEO and SEO agency 

From a money perspective

Availing of the services of an SEO agency turns out to affordable than a freelancer. In a comparison between SEO agency vs in-house vs Freelancer SEO an agency is affordable in terms of fees.

People are aware of their stuff

In an agency, you are likely to come across people who are leaders in their field and are on the cutting edge of industry standards.

Tie up with a conversion-centric SEO agency

The general logic of why experts argue that an agency is better than a freelancer is due to the following reasons.

Undertaking a website audit

An audit of the website outlines the content and technical problems that you are facing. Once these problems are addressed you will witness an increase in the rankings.

Focus on content that showcases your product differences

This is the major difference between an SEO freelancer and agency. Most of them focus on the bottom-of-the-funnel content as a solution to the pain points of a reader.

Build backlinks to higher-converting articles

The last part of the process involves modern link-building activity to high-converting pieces so that a higher ranking can be achieved.

Freelance SEO vs agency- When you should hire a Freelancer?

In some cases when you compare SEO freelancer vs SEO agency the former works out to be a better choice.

SEO Agency vs In-house vs Freelance SEO-  Freelancer is a better option if expertise is required in a specific niche.

If there is already an SEO team and specific tasks need to be undertaken like link building and due to the hectic schedule of staff hiring freelancers is a better choice. Adopting a holistic approach means that there is no need to commit to an agency. Freelance SEO vs agency clearly indicates that it is better to opt for a freelancer in this regard. You can avail of the services of someone for a couple of hours who may optimize web pages.

This is the major difference between in-house SEO vs SEO agency when it comes to backlinking. Even if the companies have in-house employees and they need to build a few links for a new post, they would avail the services of a freelancer.

SEO Freelancer vs SEO agency- Freelancers provide financial flexibility

Availing the services of an SEO agency may work out to be a cheaper option. An SEO freelancer vs SEO agency may indicate that an agency is a better choice but a greater degree of financial commitment is necessary. So, this means that when the business is slow you may not be able to slow down the subscription.

With freelancers, you can budget for specific hours and then complete these tasks on time. if they do a great job you can budget them for the future. SEO Agency vs In-house vs Freelance SEO gives a fair indication that a freelancer provides better financial stability.

Cons of freelance SEO

Package deal

Most of the freelancers associated with SEO are keen on a package deal. Agency better than freelancers might seem to work in this regard as a standardized SEO package needs to be implemented.

Lack of client education

Normally freelancer is a small business that is referred to you by a friend who does not want to deal with the headache of an agency. A major challenge with a freelancing job is client education.

To sum up, by now you are aware of the modus operandi of an SEO freelancer and agency. Each one of them does have their own pros and cons. An in-depth evaluation showcases it is better to partner with an agency since you will have access to quality professionals.

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