The 4 Ps of marketing comprises key elements, product, price, place, and promotion used when marketing a product or a service. A typical marketer considers what are the 4 Ps of marketing when crafting marketing plans or strategies to effectively market to the target audience. Though there are various inputs on how to use the 4 Ps of marketing one thing is for sure they are essential as part of a solid marketing strategy. Let us figure out the what are the 4 Ps of marketing before you take the next plunge

4 ps of marketing
4 ps of marketing

What are the 4 Ps of marketing?

As discussed earlier the 4 Ps of marketing are price, product, place, and promotion. The 4 Ps of marketing examples are a combination of tools and methodologies used by marketers in achieving their marketing objectives. These 4 Ps are in a dynamic relationship with each other.  A website marketing company does not prioritize one over the other, as each one is important as part of a strategic marketing plan.


The importance of marketing mix starts with the first P which is the product. It is the service or commodity that is marketed to the target audience. A successful product fills a gap in the market or offers a unique user experience that generates demand.

A 4 PS marketing example is an original iPhone that paired a phone with an iPod.

It is crucial to take into account the specific needs of potential clients within your target audience while you are developing your product.. This is an important aspect of how to use the 4 Ps of marketing effectively. There are a few questions to consider when you are working on a product.

  • What is the product?
  • What is the target audience of the product?
  • How does your product differ from others


Price is the cost of a product or a service. The role of price is important when it comes to understanding the 4 Ps of marketing. It is fundamental to choose a price that is accessible to the target market along with their business goals. If the product is priced higher for the target audience, then they will not purchase it. Conversely, if it is priced too low then they may consider it to be inferior quality and cut into your potential price margins. Coming to the 4 Ps of marketing the following questions are to be figured out when it comes to price.

  • What would be the price range of your competitors
  • Was the price too high or low for the target audience
  • What price best fits your target market

It is voiced that you avail the services of a website marketing company in conducting a professional assessment when it comes to the exact price.


Place is one of the important 4 Ps of marketing. It is how you sell the product and the distribution channels that you employ in reaching out to the target audience. This can be like putting the product in the right place. 4 Ps of marketing example is if the product does not reach the target audience, then the sales target may suffer. The right place can help you connect with the target audience and set up on the path to success.

Let us understand place with the 4 Ps of marketing example. Just imagine you have designed an athletic shoe for the early 20s and 30s so your target market is specialty athletic stores. When you focus your product on sports stores over shoe stores you target your efforts to a specific audience. This is what is marketing mix is all about.

To decide the best place to market and sell your product you need to consider researching the physical places or the digital channels where the target audience shops and consumes information. A few of the important questions to ask are

  • Where will you be selling the product
  • Where does the target audience shop
  • The type of distribution channels to be used in reaching out to the target audience.


Promotion is all about how you market your product or service. Through promotional activities and an effective marketing campaign, the word of your product will reach and resonate with the target audience.

Among the 4 Ps of marketing, this is the most important. There are various ways by which you may promote your product or service. A few of the traditional methods include word of mouth, advertisements, and TV commercials. In this digital age, you may create online marketing campaigns to promote your product. Website marketing is one of the methods that you can employ for the promotion of your product or service.

As part of website marketing some of the few questions to ask when it comes to product promotion are

  • What would be the best time to reach out to your target audience?
  • What are the marketing messages that may resonate with your target audience?
  • What are the benefits of having a website in the marketing channels and how it is effective for your target audience?

Using the 4 Ps effectively as part of the marketing mix

By now you have a fair idea on what are the 4 Ps of marketing. You must use it effectively as part of your marketing strategy.

Creating the best product

Before you plan to launch a product or service do not waste too much time and money without obtaining feedback. The best way to do it is to obtain customer feedback.

Setting price

If you are in a crowded space due consideration must be given to pricing. A golden rule to follow is that if you are in a new space or already a leader you should charge a premium price. On the other hand, if the market is saturated then you may reduce your price.

Right place

The web is a virtual world and the location may seem irrelevant but this is not the case. You need to think of an ideal platform and your audience will be there. A specific site like Google or even an offline venue like conferences may suffice. It is much easier to reach out to the customers rather than asking them to come to you.

Promotion Process

There are various tools by which you may HeadStart the promotion of your product or service. You should also have an eye on how your competitors plan out their promotion strategy.

To conclude by now you have a fair understanding of the importance of marketing mix. Though it may seem boring they are essential for creating a successful marketing plan. If you do not use them then you cannot differentiate yourself from the competition. No one wants the same as you want something special to resonate with. The only way by which you can stand out from the competition is by using the 4 Ps of marketing.

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