Web accessibility is creating an exclusive society by eliminating barriers that restrict a person’s access to jobs, civic participation, housing, and much more. The truth is that web accessibility best practices go unnoticed, which makes it difficult for people suffering from disabilities.

What is web accessibility?

Making websites and digital experiences accessible to everyone, regardless of ability is known as web accessibility or digital accessibility. Why website accessibility is important is because people interact with technology in diverse ways. And provides solutions for people with disabilities to engage with digital products and tools.

why accessibility is important
The Importance Of Website Accessibility And How To Achieve It

The reasons why web accessibility is important

A lot of reasons can be attributed to why accessibility is important on a website. You need to ensure that everyone can access or engage with your digital asset or website. That is a simple and right thing to do.

Web design accessibility is good for your business and brand. Organizations that choose to make their website accessible enhance their reputation by demonstrating they are prioritizing inclusion and taking necessary action to comply with the needs of people suffering from disabilities. Web accessibility is a critical component of most of the initiatives.

Web accessibility best practices expand the consumer market. According to the WHO, there are close to 1 billion people who live with disabilities. How to improve the accessibility of a website is important, as you will be able to offer your products or services to a larger audience.

How do I make the web accessible?

Making the web accessible depends on the developers building for the web. Web design accessibility is important for people with disabilities, as it will make it accessible for everyone.

Using alt-tags

The main purpose of the alt-tag, or alternative alt HTML, is to describe a picture.. Even if you use a visual tool that hides the HTML code to build a website, there is always a chance to enter the image description.

Though the alt can be empty, it would be better to give each a helpful description for screen readers. Assuming that you are blind, what would you need to know about the image?

Using better tables

To your tables, you need to add captions using the caption tag in order to make them easy to understand by using screen readers rather than making the title of a table in bold text. You should also add the scope element so that the screen elements rattle off a series of table cells without giving any context.

web design accessibility
The Importance Of Website Accessibility And How To Achieve It

Colour contrast

It is easy for users with low vision to view your web content with the high-contrast colour that is present on the website. An example of effective web design accessibility is using a dark text colour with a light background that will help visibility.

But you need to be aware that every user has different capabilities. Hence, an option is to be provided for changing the colour combination of existing colours in the web browser. The minimum level of contrast required is at least 4:5:1 for a normal-size text.

Keyboard navigation

By default, anything that you put on the website should be something that you need to carry with a keyboard. The best way to improve the accessibility of a website is to not mess with your navigation buttons. For instance, do not use navigation buttons as drop-down buttons if you are not able to use them with a screen reader.

Use default HTML tags

From the perspective of why accessibility is important, it is suggested that you not mess around with the HTML tags. There is no replacement of buttons and anchors should be avoided at any cost. If you want the anchors to work in the same way as buttons, you need to incorporate an additional JavaScript event, which may turn out to be a futile approach.

Closed captions for media

The audio or video elements on your website need to have captions. This works out to be the perfect solution to why accessibility is important for both temporary and permanent disabled users. This may also be users who are using your website somewhere where they cannot play audio, like in an office or in a noisy location.

Why it is Important to consider accessibility in web design

Web accessibility creates an opportunity for people with disabilities to experience equal access to a digital platform. There are ample reasons why accessibility is important, as it provides a better user experience. It is known to enhance your SEO search ranking efforts. This will help your website rank higher on the SERP pages and increase audience reach.

The reason why website accessibility is important is that it helps businesses expand their target market, and increasing customer satisfaction is one of the best practices for web design. You must consider the wide range of disabilities that affect access to your website as well as the appropriate accessibility solutions before you consider developing an accessible web design.

Visual impairment

Includes low vision, blindness, and color blindness. The majority of those who experience this blindness rely on screen readers or screen-magnifying software to read aloud digital text and describe images on the internet. A few examples of screen readers are NVDA and JAWS.

Hearing impairment

This refers to varying degrees of hearing loss, from profound to mild. The audio consent on the transcript should include a subtitle or transcript that makes it easier to understand the web content and interact with it.

why website accessibility is important
The Importance Of Website Accessibility And How To Achieve It

Cognitive impairment

This refers to learning disabilities. Interacting with users who have cognitive limitations, you need to use a consistent layout, use simple navigation, use simple language, and create video content.

It’s not just about folks with permanent disabilities., but for users with a temporary disability, it is essential to figure out how important accessibility is in web design. An example is that some people may have difficulty hearing because they are in a crowded area.

To conclude, by now we are aware of the definition of web accessibility and how important accessibility is in web design. Web accessibility is something that improves the overall user experience of a site. Many companies and organizations have implemented web accessibility practices due to the enormous benefits they provide. 

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