Do you think the subject lines are the most compelling components of your emails? After all effective subject line for emails is what the subscribers see in the inbox and is whether they open your email or not. So, without worrying about quality subject lines your email marketing efforts would go to waste. But there is no need to worry as you are at the right place. Before we go ahead there is a need to understand what is a subject line and why it is important.

What is the subject in an email?

The subject line of an email is the single line of text that people see when they come across your email. How to write a good email subject line outlines whether an email is opened or it is sent straight to the trash or not. So, ensure it is optimized according to the needs of your audience.

More about an email pre-header

An email preheader is another important component of your email that a subscriber will see in your email box. It is a text that follows the email subject line and previews the content of the email.

It is easy to figure out how a pre–header is different from a subject line but related. Both are part of email subject line best practices that convince a recipient to open an email.

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The reasons why a subject line of an email is important

The email subject line and the preheader are a couple of things that a recipient may see. As the email is trounced with hundreds of words which may lead to hundreds, how to write a good email subject line assumes considerable importance. This one line of text determines whether the receiver opens an email or it straight moves to the trash.

Good email subject line best practices can have a powerful impact on your audience. The word that you choose for your subject line can have a major impact on the hard work that you have put in the email. Irrespective of the fact on how well personalized or crafted your emails are it is futile if the target audience does not open the email.

It is better if you spend some extra time in the formulation of effective subject lines for emails. This will convince the customers to open your email rather than going to the spam folder. Even the subject lines convince the readers to take action that generates the most value for your business through click through rate.

The best practices to create good email subject lines

Below are a few email subject lines for best practices. Each of them is designed so that the customers end up opening your email.

Shorten the subject lines

The subject lines do not hold any relevance if people do not open them. Often people check emails from their mobile devices which does not prompt a sense of urgency. Ensure that the subject line does not get short by keeping it under 40 characters or about five to seven words.

The readers are looking to scan the inbox immediately. In some cases, the subject lines that are a couple of words really stand out in terms of engagement.

Do not use spam words in your email subject lines

The subject lines that are increasingly sales-oriented are likely to find their way into the spam folder. This means you should avoid all punctuation and promotional language like “ Free” or “ Buy Now” These are sure shot ways where the email makes its way into the spam folder.

Rather than focussing on promotion the effective subject lines for emails should focus on service and sharing information with the audience will be useful.

Asking open-ended questions in an email.

What are the reasons why you should be using questions in your subject lines? Questions are one of the better ways to grab the attention of your users and ignite their curiosity.

Questions are also incomplete on their own. Using questions will inspire readers to open the email in search of an answer.

In the subject line incorporate a deadline

There is no shortage of distractions between you and the reader. This tactic of deadlines creates a  degree of urgency which encourages readers to prioritize your email.

A successful promotional strategy will include a series of emails. You can send out an initial announcement, and let people know about a launch date. Once the deadline approaches, remind users of the promotion in the last follow-up email.

Do not be afraid to make the turnaround time as short as 24 hours. “ Now” or ” never” phrases turn out to be the most successful.

A teaser subject line entices recipients to open your email.

Consider why people enjoy movie trailers but despite ads. There is a power of drawing people with a preview, rather than giving out a punchline from the start. Effective subject lines for emails end up doing that.

Try to think of something that will hook up the readers and ignite their interest.

Give a clear command in your subject line

There are a few people who respond better to direct instructions. If an email has a direct call to action like encouraging people to purchase tickets for an event do not be afraid for the subject line to reflect that.

Sharing something valuable in your subject line

Already you may be aware that sharing something of value to your audience is part of a viable content marketing strategy.

Think about what the subscribers require at this juncture, and tease a solution to the same in the subject line.

An announcement is to be made on the subject line

If there is something new to share about your business or organization, outline that enthusiasm in the email.

Though it is difficult to craft personalized emails in a long email marketing list, sharing announcements with emails is a great way to enhance the level of personalization. It is for this reason that the readers may feel that they are the first person to be aware of the offer.

Be unique in the email box

One of the email subject line best practices suggests the two things

  • Who your audience is
  • What your business is able to offer them that they cannot receive elsewhere.

Think along the lines of what that business is specifically about and mention that in your subject line.

Do not be afraid to put the business name right in the subject line especially if the company is a reputed one. Many people will open their emails based on the sender alone, so do not miss the chance to reinforce your brand in any way.

Convey a joke with your subject line

Most people are not going to laugh when they see the subject line of your email. How to write a good email subject line is all about a funny tagline that will grab the user’s attention. Your audience may not burst into laughter but with the punchline,  you may convince them to open the email.

Depending upon the tone that the business is going for incorporate a few words to get some laughs and engage your contacts.

Mention something intriguing or unexpected

If fun is not your cup of tea, then why not give it a try? This may be something from a little-known thing or an eye-raising tactic.

Sharing something unexpected encourages the users to open your email.

Showcase video and other multimedia content as part of your email

Are you aware that the mention of the term video in your subject line increases the conversion rate of the email by double? Incorporating a video, and linking it to a presentation are all great ways to ensure that the email is engaging.

This means you are putting in the much-needed efforts and ensuring that you are telling your contacts right from the subject line, so they do not miss out.

To conclude with the above email subject line best practices, you will ensure that the email s gets the attention that it deserves. It is better that you look at your inbox and figure out which emails you are opening. Putting yourself into the receiver’s shoes will give you an idea of the reasons why you open specific emails.

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