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In the early days of marketing, hope was the solace for most businesses. They placed ads on billboards or magazines, hoping that the right person would spot them. First, forward and let us welcome a digital marketing company into the picture. This makes sense considering the amount of time people spend online.

Businesses have enormous opportunities to reach customers via digital marketing. Since the internet is vast, it presents a plethora of marketing options, and various types of digital marketing channels have come up. The digital marketing channels need to configure which form of digital marketing channel will reach the intended agency. So how does a digital marketing company become aware of which is the perfect digital marketing channel to use? Let us understand in detail about the same.

Types Of Digital Marketing Channels & Why Do You Need An Agency?
The popular forms of digital marketing channels

Among the various types of digital marketing channels, below are a few popular ones.

Video Marketing

This is a popular digital marketing trend in this present era and will continue for the next 10 to 15 years. Video marketing enhances brand awareness and peps up your traffic and conversions. Based on the blog content, you can develop video blogs. That video can be embedded smartly into your blogs that can be part of your content marketing strategy. This will attract readership and conversion, and from your content, better mileage will be obtained.

To increase social sharing, you can promote the video on social media platforms. Presentation of key information will hook and draw in the user. Another effective way to use video and increase conversions is to make it part of your website. The reason why video is valuable on your website is that it showcases your personality.

Email marketing

Email marketing is rated to be one of the effective forms of digital marketing as the ROI is high in comparison to any marketing tactic. Relevant content is presented to the inbox of a user in a non-abrasive manner. Email campaigns are an effective way to increase your customer base and increase your sales. In addition, it empowers you and allows you to stay in touch with your customers.

A better way to engage a prospective or a routine customer and increase website traffic is via an email newsletter. Engagement can be maintained via ongoing email communications, either weekly or monthly. Valuable information is presented to your customer base, and the latest updates are provided via newsletters.

Social media marketing

A majority of the masses are known to use at least one social media platform. You may feel that the world is at your fingertips with the power of social media. Hence this makes social media one of the popular types of digital marketing channels to leverage. The advantage of social media marketing is that it makes your brand relatable. In most cases, these platforms are free to use.

Starting off, you can create profiles of your business on various social media channels. You need to make posts on these social media platforms and enhance your online presence. What you post depends upon you, but you can put customer testimonies in the form of short videos.


There are a couple of them, as both of them streamline your campaigns and produce optimum results. SEO is all about traffic and conversion. The conversion of SEO-induced traffic is at a higher rate in comparison to ad-generated traffic. The reason is that the person is searching for something related to their wants. SEO ranks your website higher, and traffic will increase, leading to more conversions. A benefit of SEO is through different keywords; you are able to reach every channel of the sales funnel.

Influencer marketing

When someone has a large following on social media platforms, they can advertise certain products or services for a fee. This is a form of digital marketing channel that is expected to grow manifold in the coming years. The benefit of this form of marketing is that it develops trust in your brand among your unique audience and long-term partnerships are possible with influencers.

Influencer marketing can be done in a couple of ways. The first is to touch base with an influencer themselves, or you can avail the expertise of a digital marketing agency. The latter route can be expensive but can be a fast-track route to success.

Search advertising or PPC will put you on top of the search results. An advantage is that you are charged only if the user clicks on the ad. In addition, you can target people based on their demographic behavior, demographics, and pain points.

Types Of Digital Marketing Channels & Why Do You Need An Agency?
Why do you require the services of a digital marketing agency?

Unless you are a big company with a massive marketing budget, it seems impossible that you will be able to invest in all types of digital marketing channels at once. So how do you choose?

Below are a few strategies that you may adopt to help in the process of decision-making

  • A review of the analytics data to figure out your core audience. Then research the best digital channels on how to reach the targeted audience. Are most of them available on social media, or is email marketing an option to reach them.
  • Check out the online marketing channels that your competitors are using. If you witness a particular trend among your competitors, then a good reason exists for you to engage in the same.
  • A significant portion of the marketing budget is to be devoted to a single channel and figure out which one performs the best.

To sum up, the success of a digital marketing channel is dependent upon the channel itself and the nature of your business. For SEO, you may opt to measure organic traffic. Social media marketing is about measuring the number of posts reaching the intended audience. Eventually, the long-term success of a digital marketing channel is dependent upon the revenue it brings to the business. 

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