In a remarkable stride towards enhancing the digital landscape, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has proudly launched The UAE Design System 2.0 in its beta version. 

This sophisticated design system is a testament to the commitment of the UAE government in providing an unparalleled user experience across federal government entities (FGEs) websites. 

Grounded in extensive research and benchmarking best practices, the Design System 2.0 addresses common usability issues, offering practical solutions that elevate user satisfaction to new heights.

Key Features of the UAE Design System 2.0:

  • Consistency:

The guidelines, applications, and components of the design system adhere to a consistent format. Whether it’s container sizes or tone of voice, the system ensures a seamless and uniform user experience.

  • Clear Purpose:

The guidelines serve a clear purpose, delivering a unified message on how components are applied. This clarity enhances user understanding and interaction with digital platforms.

  • Mindful Design:

Every element within the design system is meticulously crafted with current and future expectations in mind. This forward-thinking approach ensures the system’s longevity and relevance.

  • Compliance:

The design system is compliant with the diverse needs of different entities while adhering to unification best practices mandated by the Federal government. It offers flexibility without compromising unity.

UAE Design System 2.0: A Leap Towards Digital Excellence
UAE Design System 2.0: A Leap Towards Digital Excellence

For Federal Government Entities (FGEs):

The Design System 2.0 serves as a comprehensive manual for FGEs, guiding them in planning and arranging content on their websites with simplicity and creativity. It establishes visual design elements and rules that optimize usability and the overall user experience on federal government websites. The system includes pre-tested components, blocks, and patterns for designing consistent, optimized, and accessible websites.

For Ministries, Authorities, and Initiatives:

Ministries: The design system provides guidelines aligned with user research and the branding guidelines of the Government of the United Arab Emirates, ensuring a cohesive and unified visual identity.

Authorities: Federal Authorities can utilize the guidelines, components, and blocks while having the flexibility to apply their branding elements as needed.

Initiatives: While websites and digital assets for initiatives and campaigns have the freedom to be creative, it is recommended to incorporate the guidelines and best practices from the design system.

Why Choose the UAE Design System 2.0?

Efficiency: Streamline design and development processes with reusable components, saving time and resources.

Consistency: Maintain a uniform look and feel across multiple platforms and devices, enhancing the overall brand image.

Compliance: Meet or exceed local and international accessibility standards, ensuring inclusivity for all users.

Innovation: Stay ahead of the curve with a design system that’s continuously updated based on user feedback and technological advancements.

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