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Here’s a question for you: Is Instagram becoming TikTok?

In short, no.

Here’s another: Is it just undergoing a transformation?

Absolutely, and it’s transforming more rapidly than ever before!

In recent years, there’s been a lot of speculation and debate about whether Instagram is turning into Tiktok. Some people argue that the platform has become oversaturated, with too many ads and too much fake content, and that users are flocking to newer platforms like TikTok that offer a quick, seamless and more ‘fun’ experience. But on the flipside, there’s many indications that allude to the fact that Instagram is still going strong and that its users indeed value its offerings more than ever before. Let’s take a look and see how the platform is going to fare in the years to come.

is instagram becoming tiktok
Is Instagram Losing to TikTok?
Spot the difference: Instagram vs. TikTok

So why isn’t Instagram becoming TikTok? It’s important to recognize that Instagram serves a different purpose than platforms like TikTok. While TikTok is focused on short, bite-sized videos and immersive experiences, Instagram is more focused on curated content and visual storytelling. There has been a recent outcry in fact, where Instagram losing users, accusing it of attempting to completely mimic TiktTok, highlighting that its users are indeed very loyal to the platform and its different purpose. Interestingly, one of the key voices in the outcry was none other than Kylie Jenner (who has a whopping 370 million+ followers).  

An evolution of a platform

When Instagram surfaced in 2010, the photo-sharing platform was a new contender in a space that was hungry for competition. Its largest competitors Facebook and Twitter offered two completely different social media experiences and appealed to two entirely different audiences. 

Instagram offered the ability for users to upload individual images directly on mobile devices and have the images searchable, giving rise to the ‘scrolling’ nature of modern-day platforms. Bought by Facebook for a cool $1 billion in 2012, the app then began to grow, offer users a new experience, and advance with new features that changed the social media game forever. 

From adding a messaging feature, carousels, Instagram Stories, a plethora of filters, Reels, and the Shop function, not to mention a constantly improving algorithm, the 12 years of the app have made today’s version a far cry from its version at inception. 

Fun fact: At GTECH, we still remember using Instagram Stories for the first time in Dubai at the  2015 Dubai WinterFest event!

A Bulletproof Algorithm 

The algorithm of Instagram is constantly developing and takes into account everything from the quality of image/video, how likely you are to interact with the post, how much time you are likely to spend looking at the post, and the actual activity habits of the user. The sheer number of variables that are included in the algorithm deserves its own blog post. Instagram has its brightest minds consistently working to improve this to curate content that will keep users on the platform for longer and deliver them a quality experience that they will value and enjoy.

The dedication they have to the development of the algorithm suggests that Instagram is not simply resting on its laurels, but is actively working to stay relevant and engaging for its users which will only see it retain its followers in the years to come. 

instagram turning into tiktok
Is Instagram Losing to TikTok?
Moving forward from here

Today, Instagram has a loyal 2+ billion user base (as of 2022) that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. 2 billion people-a quarter of the world’s population for that matter- use the platform, let that sink in. TikTok is just approaching this mark, and should be a couple of hundred million away from 2 billion by the beginning of 2023.

Overall, while it’s true that all social media platforms like Instagram are constantly evolving and changing, there is no hard-hitting evidence to suggest that instagram turning into tiktok. The platform still has a large and active user base, and it continues to innovate and adapt to stay relevant. While TikTok and other platforms may appeal to different audiences and serve different purposes, Instagram is not going anywhere anytime soon and remains as one of the most powerful tools in a digital marketers arsenal.

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